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Own Your Creativity

We are a partner to local organizations teaming up against human trafficking and a network where entrepreneurs who have experienced human trafficking can connect to business law services, mentorship, and a survivor community at no cost through the generosity of volunteers, grantors, and donors.

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Those who have experienced human trafficking are often at risk of being re-victimized in the process of using their stories or talents to create a career.

Lack of access to education and resources creates a gap in the protection of survivors during their healing and entrepreneurial pursuits. MiCreate's survivor and community services aim to close this gap. 

MiCreate believes in a world where survivor entrepreneurs own their art, their work, and their creativity.

We are a safe house for survivors.

We advocate for individuals who have experienced human rights violations against themselves and their creations. We focus on protecting survivors as they explore entrepreneurship through their talents and creative interests—a safe house for the stories of survivor artists, performers, inventors, creatives, and founders.

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We are a teammate to community organizations.

The MiCreate network partners with local and national agencies, businesses in the hospitality and sex work industry, and nonprofits committed to fighting the growth of human trafficking through awareness, training, youth programming, and trauma-informed practices.

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We are a collective of caring professionals.

From copyright protection and contract negotiation to mentorship opportunities and business formation, industry experts work on a volunteer (free) basis with survivors and community organizations from start-to-finish.

As a digital network, entrepreneurs and agencies from across the country can be connected to the virtual support they need to achieve their goals.

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MiCreate protects survivor entrepreneurs by connecting them with self-advocacy resources and connecting their communities with the tools to combat trafficking.

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Does our mission and the work that we do resonate with you? MiCreate offers different ways to volunteer and collaborate with us. 


Every donation creates access to greater safety, independence, and success for surviving or survivor entrepreneurs.