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Connect with MiCreate

MiCreate is a network and platform for creatives who identify as survivors of human trafficking to connect to free legal services and business resources. Our organization focuses on protecting your work and empowering you to own your creativity. 

Our goal is for you to feel confident and free to express yourself, knowing that your work is owned by you. 

Specializing in cases where individuals have experienced and survived human trafficking, we aim to defend, protect, and support you and your work.
MiCreate was founded with the survivor artist/creator in mind.
MiCreate motivates survivors to own what is rightfully yours – your story, your art, your work.

We believe in your creative rights.

Ownership of your work and your story
Freedom to be creative and authentic
Access to resources that protect and help you to thrive as artists and creators

We advocate for you with steadfast values.

Respect for People

We see everyone with dignity - validating who they are and supporting the journey to where or who they want to be.


We believe the strongest outcomes are created through a diversity of network, experience, and origin.


We maintain an environment for honesty that nurtures creativity, healing, and advocacy.


We do what we say and take responsibility for what we do.


We lend our collective expertise to help others achieve the best.

Meet our Founder, Davina Ugochukwu

Davina’s passion for international human rights has included serving the community for over a decade and working as an international human rights attorney for the last five years.

Her work includes a diverse portfolio with a focus on human rights issues involving special juvenile victims, domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual violence, gender perspectives in times of conflict, and technology’s impact on human rights law.

Prior to her legal career, Davina obtained two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Texas at Austin in Theater and English. Her studies were centered on acting, directing, playwriting, and literature. Today, Davina writes free-form poetry, short stories, and plays.

Davina’s extensive legal career includes working with the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia as a Legal Officer Intern in the Appeals Chamber, as well as with the Robert F. Kennedy Justice Center’s International Strategic Litigation Unit. She obtained her Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law, where she co-founded an anti-human trafficking group that mentored professionals on how to best use their skills to combat human trafficking in the United States.

In addition to her Juris Doctorate degree, Davina has a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in international human rights law, with a focus on the intersection of business and human trafficking.

Davina’s innate passion for the arts and justice for artists and creators who have survived human rights violations led to the founding of MiCreate — an organization for the protection of survivor artists’ work and creativity.