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Creators connect with MiCreate

MiCreate is a network of creatives and legal professionals.

When you connect with MiCreate, you become a part of our network and gain access to resources and experts that can help you navigate the road to owning your work.  
Are you an artist, inventor, or creative individual who has experienced human trafficking?
Do you create work that expresses your story?

Legal Services

MiCreate can connect you with the right entertainment legal services and resources to get your art, work, and inventions protected. By providing you with services such as copyright protection and contract negotiation, we work with you to make sure you understand your rights and obtain justice for you and ownership of your work.

MiCreate connects you with partners who are willing to take on your case pro bono [free].

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In need of financial guidance?

Through support from our network partners, MiCreate strives to provide survivor creatives with the financial knowledge and tools needed to build a successful business around your art.

Connect to financial resources
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Are you an entrepreneur?

Our business partners provide entrepreneurial artists and creators with services and resources ranging from building sustainable business plans to business formation and more. We work side-by-side with you from start-to-finish to develop successful processes and support you as you scale.

Looking for an expert in your field?

We also have partners who will provide mentorship and industry knowledge on topics such as fashion design, publishing, music, and more. Think of this network as mentors who can lead you directly to the right information and answers you’re searching for.

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