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Success through
entrepreneurial support

Where your artistic storytelling skills become a business and marketing plan.

Business Coaching

Translate your passion into a productive entrepreneurial enterprise. From business formation to management and marketing, the MiCreate network is a destination where survivor creatives can explore the opportunities of their craft and experiences without fear of censorship or repercussions.

Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching

Set up sustainable practices, define your goals, and hit your targets with expert support in entrepreneurship and early business development.

Our Business Coaching Partner, Hardy Boys Consulting, believes in the undeniable conviction that one great idea, story, or passion can change everything. Their team of experts are dedicated to meeting individuals, startups, and nonprofits at any point in their entrepreneurial journeys to concept, challenge, and coach.

Start exploring your next steps with a virtual business coach or group coaching experience.

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Marketing & Communications

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Creatives need creative support, too. Lean on the project management and brand strategy expertise of a business coach as you scale your skill into a business.

Gain perspective and inspiration from individual coaching or group learning sessions where you can workshop branding strategies, design ideas, and marketing tactics. With Hardy Boys Consulting, you will establish goal-oriented processes tailored for growth and differentiate your business from the rest.

To participate in group or one-to-one consultations, please fill out the form below to join the waiting list. Once your interest form has been received and reviewed, a MiCreate team member will contact you to get started. Individual and group-based coaching is matched based on coaching availability.

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MiCreate’s range of free legal services and business mentorship is made possible by the dedicated partners who share their time, expertise, and passion with the MiCreate network at no cost. We thank our Business Coaching Partner, Hardy Boys Consulting, for empowering MiCreate creatives with group consultations and one-to-one coaching.

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